If you really love to camp, the SylvanSport GO camping trailer was created especially for you. GO delivers that wonderful experience of tent camping: lightweight, airy materials, the feeling of actually being outside (no hard-sided walls), the sounds and smells that make camping so special. GO was created to give you an amazing, comfortable camping experience, without the downside: sleeping on uneven ground, rocks, sticks and mud, leaving a damaging footprint on the environment as well as having to carry it all in... and out! GO easily gets you there, up off the ground on a level, comfortable surface. For the best camping experience you’ll ever have.


GO is constructed from premium, US supplied materials and processes, to produce an amazingly light and durable piece of outdoor gear. The custom aluminum Exo-frame incorporates multiple design features that provide incredible functionality in a compact space. Expansion joints within the Camping Pod, for differing expansion and contraction rates between dissimilar materials, assure there will be no cracking or popped rivets. 200D Rip-stop Polyester tent material (not canvas) creates a beautiful, dry and bug-free interior environment. Rotationally molded Polyethylene storage box, fenders and rear step are durable and will never corrode. Torsion axle suspension system provides a smooth ride and 13” of ground clearance. Thermoformed ABS plastic roof/upper storage pod provides a solid roof overhead. High-strength, lightweight panels, for sleeping and table use, store overhead and out
of sight.

No need to worry how all these parts work together, we took care of
those details from the beginning, to ensure many years of trouble
free performance.

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