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  • Published on Nov 14, 2013

    Holiday Travel Tips

    As the busy holiday season approaches, many Americans are dreading the required travel that is looming over them. However, with a few simple tips and tricks; you can avoid the holiday travel hangover.

    Be Prepared

    Know your route and be prepared before leaving on a long trip. Be familiar with roads and highways rather than relying on your GPS. Even the latest GPS units and software may be slightly out-of-date or unaware of construction detours.

    Check your state’s Department of Transportation site for the latest construction updates. It is also recommended to be aware of weather on your trip. There are several resources online that can give you important weather updates for your travel plans such as Weather.com’s Commuter Forecast.

    Take a Break

    One of the most important tips to remember when driving long distances is taking a simple break every once in a while. Traveling during the winter months is also much more grueling on a driver than summer time. On long trips, stop every couple hours for a few minutes to keep your alertness levels up.

    Whether it’s a rest stop, a bathroom break, or grabbing a bite to eat; the occasional break can make your trip a little more enjoyable.

    Stretch it Out

    Driving for long periods of time can easily make anyone sore or stiff. You can avoid this by doing some simple stretches during a brief break in traveling. Get out of the car, truck, or RV and just move around.

    Step out for a second and stretch your legs, back, and neck. You’ll be thankful you did and feel more energized.

    Get Involved

    These are just some basic and general tips for any sort of trip or travel occasion. Leave some comments below with your tips and tricks to make traveling more enjoyable.

    Stay safe this holiday season and enjoy your traveling!

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