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  • Published on Oct 03, 2014
    Fire Starting Techniques

    Let There be Fire!

    So you just pulled up to your campsite and spirits are high. Excitement is building and you are ready to get your camping trip started! But when the sun goes down and it is time for a fire, everyone is looking around asking if anyone knows the best way to start a fire!

    Be able to take charge with this post about different fire starting techniques that can help you and your crew get a good fire started with little effort and common things lying around the campsite.

    Fire Starting Techniques

    The Empty Soda Can

    The empty soda can technique is a great one for those with limited resources but want a good clean fire. To start, cut off the top of the can with a can opener. Then cut two large holes on the sides near the bottom. After that poke about a dozen holes on both sides. You will then layer the beer can with tinder, starting with finest(most flammable) at bottom, ending with small, dry sticks on the top.  

    Have thick tinder nearby and ready.  Finally, light the can through the large holes near the bottom, and viola! Fire!

    These are the three structures that will be most likely to allow you success with one match, but they also will prove to be optimal for other tasks like cooking, boiling water, and providing heat.

    Teepee Technique

    This particular technique starts small kindling at the base of the teepee frame. You will want to lean the kindling against each other and make sure the frame is reinforced with small kindling and tinder, but not packed to tight as to not allow airflow.

    Inside the Teepee is where you will have room for your tinder. You can place the tinder inside if you are using a match to light the tinder. If you are using flint or another method to start the fire, then get the tinder started outside of the structure and then slide it in.

    Once you have the fire going you can start laying more kindling, and eventually fuel while still keeping the same teepee structure going.

    This technique is great for cooking and provides plenty of heat in just one match!

    Log Cabin Technique

    If you are hosting an RV party or just want a bigger fire, than you should go for the Log Cabin Technique.

    With it being a bigger fire, it does require more preparation. You will want to collect all your wood before beginning to build the structure.

    The Log Cabin is all about fuel. The bigger your fire, the larger diameter you will want your fuel to be. Once you have your wood, you will start to stack the fuel in a log cabin pattern. As you stack the fuel, you want to use smaller logs and eventually start to use your kindling.

    Once you have a structure built, now it is time for kindling. At the top of the structure you will stuff the kindling part of the structure with tinder, then you are ready to start your fire.

    Lewis RV Center

    There are plenty of techniques you can use to start fires. These are just a few of our favorites that we came across! If you want to get your fall camping started off right, let Lewis RV Center help!

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