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  • Published on May 30, 2019
    Gatlinburg Day 1

    Like most, our children are all very different. We have Landon (13) who wants to do his best to make everyone around him happy.  He is adventurous when no one is looking, and level headed when people are paying attention.  Then we have Grayson (10) who is loud and mischievous, with a big heart who is generally scared of most things until you can prove to him there is nothing to be scared of.  And finally, you have Abbey (3) who loves pink, princesses, cleaning, and rough housing.  She flies at whatever is in front of her like she hasn’t figured out the world isn’t one gigantic playground.  Today appealed to the shy and adventurous adventures in all of them.


    We got up early (I of course earlier than everyone so that I could my coffee by the riverfront) and headed into downtown Gatlinburg.  We hit up a place I found on Roadtrippers called Anakeesta.  This place, like everything else in Gatlinburg, is a bit of a tourist trap.  BUT it is a beautiful relaxing, well worth it tourist trap!

    We spent the morning riding the ski lifts, exploring beautiful views, walking the tree tops, and watching Grayson overcome his new-found fear of Alpine Coasters.  Like I mentioned earlier, he was totally terrified of them until he got on it, then we had to ride it twice.


    The afternoon got a little hotter than we like (think nice temperatures but the sun feels like it is baking through your first four layers of skin) so we headed to the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Aquarium to cool off.  The aquarium was AWESOME!  It had a fantastic indoor area for the kids to play and the best tunnel aquarium that we have ever been to.  Since it is a Ripley’s they had good exhibits of things you don’t always get to see.  Electric eels, piranha, ginormous spider crabs, and so on. 

    We strolled through the streets a while and had fun looking through the shops on the main Gatlinburg strip.  Gary highly recommends the Salty Watermelon Moonshine!

    And here is where my diet went wrong once again. 

    You can't see it in the picture, but in the distance is a little shop called the Donut Friar.  I will say before I went in I set on the bench and had a good long inner monologue.  You know how it goes… “I have walked 15,000+ steps today, surely I have earned a doughnut, I’m on vacation – now is the time to indulge, I promise I’ll start running when I get back home.”  So, after a “cross my heart and hope to die” about future exercise I walked in, bought my absolute favorite doughnut (Bavarian Cream) and sat down in a beautiful quaint square to enjoy my sugary bliss. 

    I also talked my husband into getting a treat, so I didn’t feel alone in my diet guilt!  Then back to the campground for some more river time and campfire games.  I am including the below pic of my knight in shining armor to simply tell you that we were stopped at least 6 times by people commenting on his shirt.  It seems like a lot of people in Gatlinburg are DONE with other people :).

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