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  • Published on May 24, 2019
    History, music, & good eats!

    Why is it that history becomes more interesting the older you get?  Is it maturity?  Wisdom?  I admit I did not care for history as a student.  It always seemed like a waste of time.  However, the older I get the more I understand the significance of the actions and outcomes of the past.  When planning our trips, my husband and I try to plan experiences that our children can learn from.  Visting places that they will learn about in their school books.  We want to provide the opportunity to make those pages come alive.  Today we got to talk to our kids about one of the darker parts of American History, but before we get to that part of our day lets start where we actually started.

    We ditched our motorhome at a Nashville Walmart and drove our car into the city.  To our kids dismay we headed to the Country Music Hall of Fame.  They aren’t really country fans, unless you count The Voice.  However, I know my kids better than they know themselves so once we got inside they had a great time.  Insider’s Tip:  Many museums have a scavenger hunt.  This is a great feature to move your way through the museum and keep kids, and adults, interested.


    After some dancing, rhinestones, and a family session in the sound booth (I really hope there is no recording of that) we walked a few blocks to Woolworth’s.

    While we waited to be set for brunch we were able to look at some of the pictures and memoriablia that line the restaurant.  As a reminder the Woolworth on 5th is where the African American college students set peacefully at the all white lunch counter in 1960.  Woolworth’s looks very different then it did back then but I appreciate the resturants desire to make sure current and future generations understand the impact of history.  Oh, and there biscuits and gravy…WOW…really phenominal!


    Before we headed out of Nashville we decided to make one more stop.  I guess you could call it a history lesson, albeit a less realistic one.  We stopped by Nashvilles very own Parthenon.  An exact replica of the Parthenon in Greece if I understood correctly.  We took a photo op with the giant statue of Athena, visited the museum on the bottom level and headed out.


    Country music, civil rights, and a Greek goddess I’d say it was a pretty full day.


    Now on to Gatlinburg!


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