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  • Published on Apr 23, 2017
    How to Get Your RV Ready for Summer

    Whether you’re pulling your RV out of storage for the first time or simply giving it a “once over” before you head out on your next trip, get your RV ready for summer the right way with these simple tips.


    Check for leaks- around your windows, doors, vents, or any seams it’s important to check to make sure that the winter weathering process didn’t do any damage to the exterior of your RV.

    Tires and brakes- sometimes being stationary for long periods of time and the fluctuating temperatures can cause your tires to deflate or tiny cracks to form causing damage.  It’s important to check them before you set out on your first road trip so you don’t get a flat tire along the way. Simply fill them with air, wait a few hours or overnight and see if the tire pressure has changed.  As for your brakes, sometimes rust can form if any moisture got to them over the winter, so have them inspected by an RV maintenance department to ensure they are in good condition.  

    Check your awnings for any rips or tears. Pesky animals can sometimes seek shelter in the warmth of the fabric and chew holes in your awnings. Or, if left outside, the awnings can rip from any high winds.

    Clean your exterior- mold and mildew can form on the exterior of your RV as the temperatures change and snow melts on top of your RV roof.  Or if your RV was stored in a musty or damp storage unit sometimes mildew can form them. Giving it a good cleaning not only makes it look nice but it can prevent any further damage to the exterior.


    Open all your windows and vents to let everything air out.

    Be sure to clean out your water tank. If you used any antifreeze over the winter you’ll need to rid your water tanks of any leftover solution before refilling. You can find simple steps on youtube here.

    Check all gas lines for leaks- The easy trick is to cover your lines with soapy water, turn the gas on, and see if any bubbles form anywhere. If any mice got to the lines over the winter, you’ll know.

    Once you’ve made sure your gas lines are okay, go ahead and check turn on your stove and furnace to ensure they are working properly.

    Check any other hoses and valves for leaks before hooking anything else up. You can refer to your RV’s user guide to find access to everything.

    Change the batteries on your carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarms. Its best to do this every time you bring your RV out of storage so you know they are working properly.

    What are some other tips that you have to make your RV summer ready?

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    Not comfortable checking your RV out yourself, or just want a second eye to look at it? Our service department would be happy to help you get your RV summer ready. Visit our website to schedule an appointment. www.lewisrvcenter.com 

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