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  • Published on May 22, 2019

    I LOVE this time of the year!  By this time I have generally been planning our vacation for about 4-6 months.  I nearly have as much fun planning our trips as I have experiencing our trips...nearly.  Last year we went on our 1st ever family road trip.  Some of you may have followed our Facebook photo journey.  But in an effort to catch you up here were the highlights of that trip

    10 days, 38 planned stops, 2472 miles of adventure



    We had such an amazing time and such a great response from you that we decided to do it again.  But this time we wanted to give you a few more details so we are going to give bloggin a try.  I should give you fair warning, I am no novelist.  Grammar and spelling are not my strong points!  So if mistakes bother you now is probably a good time to stop reading.  I'll try and keep them to a minimum so if you can tolerate a hiccup along the way and have a love for traveling I think you will enjoy these posts. 

    What did we learn on our first trip?  We learned we went WAY too fast!  This year we are slowing it down a bit.  We are gearing up for 2826 miles in 16 days...so maybe its not that much slower but we do plan on enjoying longer stays at a few places.  Our main goal is DC but we have tons of adventures planned along the way.  We hope you enjoy sharing in our experiences and our deep love of RVing.  Our goal is to show you just a few amazing things our great nation has to offer and inspire your inner travel addicit to go out and experience it.  So follow us for a daily dose of travel!

    Later this summer we will be taking 3 trips right in our own backyard (Oklahoma).  If you would like to travel with us and would like some more information please go to https://junelrvcation.rsvpify.com

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