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  • Published on May 01, 2016
    Ten Ways to Organize Your RV

    Ten Ways to Organize Your RV

    If you are the type of peson that thinks being confined to small spaces is uncomfortable, and hates clutter, then chances are riding around in a cramped RV isn't much fun.  It’s even worse when those small spaces start to get dirty and unorganized.  To help ease this type of situation, here are a few cheap and easy organizing tips for your RV.

    It's bad enough when your stuff at home starts to accumulate and gets spread into every nook and cranny available.  There is no difference in an RV.  Things like having a remote control for each electronic device, multiple cleaning supplies for one area, and different shoes for different occasions, etc.  To save space on those little nuisances just lying around try the following:

    1. Use Velcro adhesives to mount your remotes for your electronics so they don’t take up space on your table.

    2. During travel, use mounting brackets to store your cleaning supplies on the roof of your storage compartments. This gives you more room in your closets and under your RV for storage for other items.

    3. Use magnetic strips from any hardware store to hold your knives and scissors so they don’t take up valuable drawer space.

                4. Buy dish cradles to store your dishes vertically to save on cabinet space.

    5. Consider using hooks on the side of your shelving units to hold dishrags and potholders while not in use. This also will save on valuable drawer space.

    6. You can install a tension rod underneath your overhead cabinets to hold your paper towel rolls. This saves on counter space, especially when it’s limited in an RV.

                7. Shoe organizers work great to hold other smaller items you don’t want lying around your RV, such as:

                    In the bedroom- shoes and sandals, sunglasses, and books and magazines for nighttime reading.

                    In the kitchen- paper towels, cleaning supplies, utensils, etc.

                    In the bathroom- toilet paper rolls, other toiletries, towels and washcloths, etc.

     8. Magazine holders make great storage for your kids books and art supplies, as well as housing your reading materials for the road.

    9. Over –the –cabinet-door trash bins not only hide your garbage from your guests but save on floor space in your kitchen.

    10. Fold up contraptions of all kinds are great for travel.  Pack away kettles and containers are very popular among the RV travel community. 

    These among other RV organizing tips can be found by visiting www.diyprojectsworld.com

    What are some of your favorite space saving and organizing tips? 

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