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  • Published on Jul 28, 2015

    Top Camping Dangers in Oklahoma

    Camping in the great outdoors is a great way to get out and explore the wilderness, relax underneath the stars, and tell stories around the campfire.  It is a fun and exciting experiences for all involved but, there are a few precautions you have to take when camping outdoors.

    The top camping dangers in Oklahoma include wildlife; more specifically, the black bear.  Since the 1980’s the black bear population has been on the rise in eastern Oklahoma when they were brought down from northern Minnesota.  Although the majority of the population stay away from human inhabited areas, if you are camping or hiking out in the wilderness you may run across one or two. 

    The main precautions to take to avoid bear encounters are to remember to not leave food or scraps lying out in your campsite.  Bears have a keen sense of smell and will search out food when they are hungry.  Try to make as much noise as possible when camping or hiking in the wilderness.  Black bears are more afraid of humans than Grizzly bears are, so the more noise you make, the less chance you have of sneaking up on a black bear and startling it into an aggressive state. 

    If you happen to meet a black bear face to face the best things to do is to fight back if you are attacked.  Do not try to run and hide or climb up a tree.  Black bears are avid climbers and run much faster than the average human.  Find a stick, branch, or tool of some sorts to fight back until the bear backs off.  Also, do not try to play dead. This does not work with black bears especially if they feel threatened.  Talk to them in a calm voice to let them know you are human but not aggressive.  Most will lose interest and leave the area.

    There are other animals to be aware of when camping in Oklahoma, such as coyotes and wolves.  However, the black bear is the most widely populated and will come investigating if something attracts them to the area.  It is important to prepare yourself with bear repellant spray when camping in these areas of Oklahoma.  You can find it at most outdoor adventure stores or hardware stores in the area.

    Follow these tips, along with the tips from tour guides and park rangers in the area and you’ll be sure to enjoy your camping adventures in Oklahoma.

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