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The Go Mitch Go Foundation was officially formed in 2009 to honor the legacy of Mitchell Graham Whitaker.   Mitchell passed away from complications associated with leukemia in 2007 at the age of 10.   His story, determination, warrior spirit, and example have inspired donations of nearly $900,000 since 2005 to fund blood cancer research through the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and other partner organizations.   Our foundation is committed to continuing this good work to find a cure, raise awareness, and assist families battling cancer.   The last words that Mitchell spoke before passing away...."Keep fighting!".....shall be our rally cry.   Take a little time to learn some more about us at www.gomitchgo.com

To learn how to help Clifton Lewis raise money for Go Mitch Go...  Click Here

Maisha International Orphanage

Maisha International Orphanage

We are glad that you are interested in learning more about Maisha International Orphanage and our work in the Nyanza Province of Kenya. Maisha is a nonprofit organization based in Oklahoma City. We operate as a project under the 501(c)3 United Charitable Programs.

Maisha means LIFE and that's precisely what we bring to the orphans and widows of Kenya. By giving Maisha's founder Beatrice Williamson a scholarship for education, Anna Lanson began a legacy of hope. Anna gave Beatrice a chance to succeed in life and tell her story. At Maisha we continue that legacy by inspiring people to help people and strengthening communities by finding lasting solutions to stop poverty, hunger and disease. Doesn't every child deserve a chance to discover their full potential?

Maisha International Orphanage

HIV / AIDS Impact

Maisha is committed to bringing hope to the hopeless and light to the darkness. In the Nyanza Province of Kenya, the silent epidemic of HIV / AIDS has stolen the lives of mothers, fathers, young and old, leaving one out of every three households headed by a child. According to Kenya's Department of Health, one out of every four adults in the Kisumu district is HIV-positive. Maisha's goal is to invest in the potential of 5,000 orphans within the next five years, giving them the tools they need to succeed. As we equip and train our staff and volunteers, they are able to create brighter futures for each person we serve. Maisha allows you the chance to put your passion into action.

For more information about Maisha International, Please contact the Maisha International Orphanage

foster child

OK Foster Wishes

To care for orphans is one of the most pure of causes. These children were taken from their homes by no fault of their own and because of this everyone feels an obligation, drive or burden to care for the orphan in some way, which creates the question of "how"?

We believe that, although not everyone is called to foster or adopt a child from foster care, everyone feels the calling to serve the orphan. OK Foster Wishes shows people ways that they can get involved with a foster child without the commitment of becoming a foster family. Most people don't know that there are many ways to help a child in foster care like tutoring, buying a gift, or just taking them to the zoo for the day.

Through an integrated group of servant leaders, we hope to engage the community to interact while supporting credible existing and newly forming organizations, we call Impact Partners, to take the first steps toward caring for the foster children state wide. Each year we work with our partners and OKDHS to fulfill Wishes for children in foster care. Explore the Impact Partners page to learn ways you can get involved!

foster child

Get Involved

Remember that the ultimate wish for over 2,400 waiting children in Oklahoma is a forever family. Search for your waiting child at AdoptUSkids.org. OK Foster Wishes is a volunteer organization, so 100% of your donation goes directly to efforts to fulfill foster children's wishes

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