RV Service Department

Expert Service & Equipment 

With 8 RV service bays in our 8500 square foot service facility we have more than enough room to accommodate your RV.

You can also feel comfortable knowing that the technicians in our shop have been trained and certified by the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA).

If you have any questions, just use our online contact form or Ask A Service Tech

Lewis RV Advantage & Discount

Don't forget that customers who purchase their RV units from our sales staff can use their Lewis RV Advantage to receive priority service and 10% off regular priced parts.

Maintenance Tips

We know that it is important to our customers to keep their unit in great shape so that you can be on the road at a moments notice.

Below are a few standard maintenance tips that can help keep your unit in great shape.

  • Clean your air filters and condensers on your air conditioner annually, this can help keep your airflow at the proper temperature and keep your unit running smoothly. The outflow on an RV air conditioner is generally 20 degrees cooler than the in flow.
  • Repack wheel bearings according to the manufactures recommendations. These recommendations vary between repacking every 6 months to 12 months. When your bearings are ready to be repacked our service department will be there to do the job for you.
  • Have a professional LP Leak Test done on you unit annually.
  • Inspect your roof sealant quarterly for any cracks or gaps in sealant. This will help avoid any costly water leaks in your trailer.
  • Check you tire pressure regularly to avoid blowouts and other tire damage.

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